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All about Engagement Growth: proven strategies for loyalty growth

All companies, without exception, have the common goal of generating more sales and continuing to grow steadily. However, implementing a strategy that only pursues growth is an insecure bet. The growth of a company is largely due to new consumers, but to achieve solid success it is necessary to build loyalty with old users. This is why it is necessary to have a marketing strategy that seeks the growth of the company, while creating solid foundations through the loyalty of existing customers and followers.

But, what is Engagement Growth?

Engagement growth is in charge of this loyalty, the term refers to the level of commitment that users can have towards a brand or company. This level of engagement is not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of constant brand recognition, trust, empathy, interaction and good communication. Engagement growth can be translated as a lasting and stable bond. In many cases, this level of engagement makes users become brand ambassadors. An engagement growth strategy becomes essential over time, as it allows you to achieve growth effectively. In addition, when your audience feels a real connection with what you do, attracting new users becomes easier.

How to calculate the engagement growth of a brand?

Calculating the level of engagement that a user has with your brand is extremely important to determine the effectiveness of the strategies you are implementing. For this reason, here are the following formulas: To calculate the engagement growth in social networks, you must take as foundation the followers and interactions (likes, comments, saved and shared publications).

(Interactions/Followers) x 100.

To calculate the engagement growth of a digital store, you must take as a basis the data of the customers and the period of time they have.

Retention rate: (Active customers/Total customers) x 100.

Conversion rate: (Customers who interacted/Total site visitors) x 100

Loyalty strategies to boost Engagement growth

Now that you know how to calculate the engagement growth of your digital platforms, you may have noticed that the engagement level of your audience is not very high. In case you have this problem or want to strengthen the bond with your followers and current customers, today we share with you 6 strategies that will allow you to increase engagement growth.
  1. Be active
The most important key to increase user engagement with your brand is to establish meaningful relationships. Therefore, constant interaction is essential. Likewise, it has been proven that viral content (although important) does not help to strengthen the relationship with your followers, what does is a receptive conversation. Currently more than 65% of companies are dedicated to content marketing strategies, promotional marketing and SEM advertising, but they completely forget the loyalty of their users. If a brand takes care of interacting with the user, responding to all their comments and messages in a personalized way, the user will notice that the brand really cares about him.
  1. Public with ingenuity and creativity
70% of users worldwide use social networks for entertainment purposes. So, if you dedicate yourself only to selling your products and services, you may start to notice how your followers decrease. On the other hand, if you dedicate yourself to providing educational content and in some cases using humor, you will improve the stay of your followers and increase their level of engagement by providing quality content that is not overwhelming.
Currently one of the best examples is the Netflix account on Twitter, where we can clearly see the ways in which they promote their series indirectly through “relaxed” content.
  1. Optimize your website
A website that is designed and optimized for user navigation will undoubtedly attract more visitors and make users visit it regularly. Consequently, the main goal of your website should be to improve and facilitate the user’s navigability and avoid headaches in figuring out what to do. The optimizations you should take into account are:
  • Mobile optimization. Users prefer to browse the Internet through mobile devices, so it should be your main focus of optimization, thus decreasing the bounce rate.
  • UX Design. The user experience on your website should be simple and intuitive. Text should be legible, buttons should be clearly visible and actions specified.
  • Cataloging. If you have an online store, the product catalog should contain all the information the user needs.
  1. Facilitates the purchasing and shipping processes 
Many companies have intuitive purchasing processes, however, they have many factors that can be uncomfortable and scare users. Therefore, we leave you with the following tips:
  • Implement installment payment methods.
  • Add numerous payment methods. Start with the most popular ones according to your location.
  • Evaluate the possibility of making home deliveries.
  • Generate special offers, such as the famous “for the purchase of 2 items, get a discount”.
  1. Use videos
In an increasingly digital era, graphics and images are part of the best strategies to increase a brand’s engagement growth. This is because they help reinforce the emotional bond with the user. For example, the brand GoPro regularly publishes still images, which have an average of between 100,000 and 300,000 likes. On the other hand, when they share videos they exceed 400,000 views and often exceed half a million. With this in mind, the video format cannot be missing in your digital marketing strategy. However, you should keep in mind that each social network has a special type of format. That is, a video on Pinterest will not have the same impact as on Instagram.
  1. Study opportunities for improvement
There are hundreds of applications and tools that can help you discover what is working and what is not, on your digital platforms. That’s why it’s important to keep an analysis of metrics and data.
But by the same token, although these tools provide valuable information, they cannot explain why a publication or section is not working. Thus, conducting surveys and asking users direct questions is a great way to find opportunities for improvement. This in turn makes the community feel important.

How to effectively achieve good engagement growth?

As mentioned above, the search for constant growth is fundamental for any company. But these efforts must be focused on achieving solid growth, which can only be achieved through user loyalty. Likewise, the key to good engagement growth is constant communication. If users do not feel that they can be heard by the brand, they will not be satisfied and will not feel a real commitment. Remember that satisfied customers are more likely to buy your products or services again. Work to build loyalty among your users and to remedy the bad experience that some of them may have had. If you need help implementing engagement growth strategies, at Factor Engagement we can help you. Book a free consultation today by clicking here and start building customer loyalty.


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