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What’s branding and why is it so important for your business?

Branding is a concept that was introduced in the 1980s by Al Ries and Jack Trout, when they published their famous book, Branding: The Battle for Your Mind. At that time, its impact was like a tsunami, since the approach was opposite to that used by large corporations then.


Brand positioning proposed, for the first time, that it was necessary to focus on consumer’s needs far beyond market research and even the product.


The brand is what remains in the consumer’s mind.

It is the global management of the tangible and intangible elements that surround the brand in order to build and transmit a key promise.


Branding includes the corporate image, company colors, corporate identity and style standards used in the company’s general communications. All these traits influence and determine the brand value, conforming its distinctive, relevant and sustainable character over time.


The objective of developing a successful branding will be to expand the brand in the market, position it as a benchmark and place it directly or indirectly in the minds of consumers.

Among the benefits of branding you can find:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Greater perceived value of the product or service
  • Greater brand recognition
  • Greater efficiency in advertising and lead generation


To develop branding, it is absolutely necessary to follow a series of steps:


  • Research: Know the target audience, the competition and the market in which the branding will be developed.
  • Definition: Establish the objectives, mission, vision, values and personality of the brand.
  • Design: Create a logo, tagline, and color palette that visually represent the brand.
  • Communication: Design a communication plan that allows the brand to spread effectively.

In the digital realm, branding is even more important as it allows companies to connect to their target audience directly through digital marketing. To carry out a branding project, we highly recommend hiring a marketing specialist or a specialized branding agency. Some examples of brands with strong branding are Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s.


Branding is an essential process for any company or organization expecting to stand out in the market and establish an emotional connection with its target audience. Having a specialist or specialized agency and following the appropriate steps can help create a strong and effective brand on the internet.

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