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10 copywriting techniques: create content that will make your audience fall in love with you.

Copywriting is an excellent tool to generate sales, stand out from the competition and attract the attention of users, as long as the content is written according to certain techniques. Especially in marketing, writing plays a key role, since a text can convince or not the target audience.

What is copywriting, and why is it necessary?

Thinking about copywriting is the same as thinking about writing, but it goes beyond that. It is the writing of persuasive texts that capture the reader’s interest. It is used to write promotional emails, headlines, descriptions, content for social networks, websites… In short, it is found in everything we can read nowadays (both online and offline). Although it is a tool created from the advertising field, copywriting has been developed by various sectors. Because through its format it is possible to explain ideas, concepts, thoughts and emotions, in order to encourage a specific action. Moreover, it is within the reach of anyone. But it requires strategy, planning and previous knowledge. Therefore, we share with you 10 copywriting techniques, so you can make your target audience fall in love with it and sell more.

1. Relevance

To write a copy that sells and persuades, it is essential to listen to the audience first. That is why digital marketing has redirected its communication according to the interests and desires of users. Thus, it is important to know the buyer persona well and to have a content marketing strategy. Both in the general strategy and in each copy, care must be taken with the reader. That is to say, provide only necessary, specific and relevant information, avoiding rambling. For example, a health company cannot write a copy where it talks about real estate, since it is not a valuable topic for its audience.

2. Attractive titles

The power to attract or not the users’ attention is mostly influenced by the title or main text. Whether users will continue reading what you have to say depends on it.
write effective copy
Some tips to write attractive titles are:
  • Use numbers. People love lists and topics that are numbered.
  • Use attractive adjectives (essential, free, amazing).
  • Employ words of logic (reasons, facts, lessons, tips, secrets).
  • Add “what,” “how,” and “why.”

3. Identify an emotion

An excellent copywriting technique is to think about the emotion you want to convey or provoke. Flat copy tends not to connect, in fact, it bores. Therefore, you should identify the brand’s point of view and feeling before you start writing. In fact, users prefer texts that are entertaining, especially on social networks. One way to make this task easier and better performed is to think about what you want to convey: happiness, fear, annoyance?

4. Selling, but not just selling

A good copy should generally have the intention of selling or encouraging the user to perform an action. But you can’t just sell. The best copywriting techniques are composed of creative and not just commercial writing. Therefore, before asking users to make a purchase, subscription or whatever you require, tell a good story, add an emotional phrase or try to make the reader smile. With that, in addition to making purchases, they will remember you and think of your brand as a pleasant one, from which they enjoy receiving emails and reading your publications in networks.

5. Structure the content

Many users do not read the text in depth, they only make a visual scan. Although this may seem alarming, it is an advantage when writing content. But how can this be a good thing? So if you know this information, you can structure your texts and put the focus where you want it. So: headings and subheadings should be eye-catching, but at the same time explain what the paragraph is about. Use bold type in the parts you want to draw attention to and finally, add images or videos that reinforce the topic.

6. Storytelling

Stories are not only used for novels or fiction stories. In fact, stories are constantly being told in marketing, as they help to move feelings within users. A good story can change the perception with which users identify the brand, and even improve its image and reputation. It is not about creating long and literary texts, but about awakening a feeling through words or images.

7. Attack pain points

Instead of asking people to buy your product or service, talk about what it has to offer. To do this, a good strategy is to appeal to the benefits of your product or service. Users want solutions to the problems they have (even if they don’t previously know that these problems exist). Therefore, direct your content to solve specific problems. An example of how to do this is through lists, where the values and characteristics of the products are mentioned.

8. Closeness

Technical terms denote professionalism, however, not all people can understand them. Unless your target audience is related to the terms you will use, try to use a close and easy to understand language.
writing effective techniques

9. SEO

Copywriting is fully linked to SEO, especially when the texts are for a web page. Therefore, it is essential that they contain the keywords with which you want to position.

10. CTA

Users need to know the specific action you want, so ask them exactly what you want. Some examples are:
  • If you want to learn more about the topic, download our new ebook.
  • Follow us on social networks, we are on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Fill out the contact form and get in touch with our consultants.
  • Comment on this publication with your opinion.

How to develop creative writing?

Now that you know the crucial techniques to write texts that sell, the next step to become a great copywriter and develop your creative writing is to practice. Copy is the acquisition of communicative and psychological skills, and it is practice that makes it striking and capable of fulfilling its objective. Therefore, to generate good texts it is necessary to have knowledge and a space where you can develop, test and share your copy. If you want to learn more techniques about copywriting, we provide content on our social networks. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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