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Sell more on Halloween: 11 Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies are essential for any brand or company, and associating them with themed festivities is a great idea, especially now that we are entering the great Halloween season. 

Let’s remember that this season used to be only for children, but now it is celebrated by people of all ages. This Halloween essence also touches brands, besides, doing activities allusive with the season can achieve a great flow of sales, implementing innovative ideas and awakening interest in your brand. 

You can go from creating a new version of your logo, hashtag, launching “scary” offers, carry out activities, make collaborations with other “monsters”, and so on. Therefore, today we will tell you about some very effective ideas:

1. Transform the essence of your brand on Halloween


Make a change of look according to this season of terror, you can use the classic motifs and colors, as you can also let your imagination fly, decorate your social networks, website and physical store, to provide a “terrifying” experience to your customers.

2. Create a terrifying version of your logo


Your logo represents you, it is your identification, your customers and potential prospects will recognize you by it, and a very good way to attract attention in this season is to make a macabre version of it, as it is a method of wide reach. 

3. Hashtags for Halloween


Create a hashtag referring to the season, it can help you for the different dynamics that you carry out in your social networks, it will also help you for your publications.

Remember that a good practice to increase your community is when you ask your followers to participate in this “macabre” and good season.

4. Storytelling and horror marketing


As we already know, storytelling is the art of telling stories that engage the audience, so why not take advantage of this spooky season? Halloween is one of the best times for you to share your story and make your customers’ hair stand on end.

5. Ghoulish offers 


Halloween is a highly commercial season, so implementing marketing strategies focused on spoiling your audience is a good practice to increase engagement. 

So, to build loyalty and attract new users, you can give away discount codes or vouchers on your website and social networks, as you can also give small gifts to customers who come to your physical store, you can include a prize wheel or a mystery box where you can get gifts, surprises and other gifts.  


6. Sweepstakes and dynamics


You always have to be active on social networks and on your website, but what better way to do it than taking advantage of this season? 

Have contests, ask your users to send you photos of their best costume or to create and send you the spookiest story they can, as well as photos of their make-up. 

There are different ways to choose the winner, such as through a jury or requesting a number of likes. Remember to give prizes that are worth the effort of the participants, as this way they will start to trust your brand.


7. Marketing for Halloween events


Not only can you create dynamics online, you can also create events in your physical store, such as creating a parade for the audience or for the little furry companions of the house.

Another option is to create an improvised theater with some of the people attending the event, that will make it very fun and dynamic. You can also invite them to create Halloween make-up. 

And likewise, you can involve your audience in helping you choose the event you want to carry out and the activities they want to do, this will make them feel closer to the brand.

sell halloween marketing

8. Halloweenesque products 


Depending on the type of business you have, there are many ways to apply this method. It is an excellent idea to attract customers; change the names of your products for “scary” names, create combos or products with the theme of this season and promote them in your networks.


9. Collaborate with other “monsters”.


Keep in mind that in “unity is strength” and it is a very good idea to make collaborations with other brands, as this attracts visibility and potential customers. 


10. Create a test to “die for”. 


How well do you know these dates? And how much does your audience know it? It would be a great dynamic for your website or social networks. 

You can create questions related to this spooky season, maybe how much do users know about this date? Or to find out what fictional world they belong to or what character they “represent”, the point is to make the activity fun, entertaining and interact with the audience.  


11. Videos allusive to the theme 


Create a video related to this occasion, keeping in mind that the format and duration of the video must be adapted to the platform where it will be published. 

For this strategy, it is a good idea to associate this theme with your brand, remember that you must have attractive, relevant and attention-grabbing content for your customers.

This type of advertising, besides attracting a lot of attention, works to promote any of the ideas mentioned above, you can announce events, promotions and sweepstakes. Likewise, creating this type of video also helps to announce your Halloweenesco season start. Are you ready?


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